Stress free SML living~

There is a place… where your workload seems lightened, your worries feel lifted, and you finally exhale. A place only few have visited once because most return to linger. A secret jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains; nestled in its own special paradise. With 22,000 acres of water and over 500 miles of shoreline, here is your welcome to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. If you have ever dreamed of owning a lake home, NOW is the time to head my way and check out the short sales, foreclosures, and just basic gorgeous homes being sold in this buyer’s market for at or LE$$ than tax assessments. Don’t believe me; I challenge you to search my site under “Communities”; click on The Waterfront, The Boardwalk, The Watersedge…find a house you would just love to live in…tell me which one it is and I will show you history and tax information that will have you heading to the bank.

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