10 Reasons Buyers May not like YOUR Home

Thinking of selling your home? Already have it on the market? Arm yourself with these suggestive reasons why buyers may turn away from buying it!

1. Low lighted Rooms- Dark homes can be a turnoff to a lot of home buyers, so do yourself a favor and brighten the room up a bit. Here are a few helpful hints:

a.Do away with heavy drapery and open up those blinds
b.Replace low lit lighting with bright fixtures
c.Skylight are always a plus
d.Repaint rooms with bright vibrant colors than can reflect light

2. Foul Smells- nothing can scare a buyer off more than walking into a home that has bad odors; this includes pets, smoking, cooking seafood, mold or mildew. You can turn these big red flags into positive environments by just a few suggestions:

a.Smoke outside
b.Replace litter box more frequently
c.Fix and repair any basement water damage
d.Grill out

3.Greeting Pets- Since you typically do not know if a potential buyer likes animals or may have an allergy to them…best to use caution here. While your family pet may be the rainbow in your life; take them with you during showings if at all possible or make sure they are put away appropriately as not to irritate or scare buyers.

4.Basement Water Blues- while most leakage may be caused by rainwater not being diverted properly, having an exposed damp basement/dehumidifiers for buyers to see could potentially send them a direction you may not want. So take time and proper care for your investment and consider:
a.Cleaning out clogged pipes/gutters/drain spouts
b.Contacting a company to come review the concern and repair

5.Insect ALERT: is your home bugged by bugs? Get rid of them.

6. Too Busy walls!- painting walls is one thing; but too much wallpaper that changes themes throughout the house with each passing room could be an instant grim face with buyers. Papering your walls is a personal touch, so the next buyer may not like the theme so they calculate in their head how many rooms must be stripped and repainted. Save time and frustration: considering taking the extra step and have it done before buyers come touring your home. Small steps….also lead to success!

7. Clutter-Flutter: some buyers can vision each room for what it can be for them and their family. Other buyers need to see the instant roomy and open feel in the room. De-cluttering your hobby collections and making the room appear open and vibrant is a huge bonus! Consider contacting a staging consultant who can help you make minor changes that have major rewards.

8. Dirty Bathroom- Dirty bathrooms are a huge turnoff; not only dirty but add the extra toiletries allover the counters; 3 rugs on the floor, towels hanging over the shower drying and you’ve got yourself in a pickle. Clear off those counters, put things away in drawers, organize them as well for buyers who open and look, SCRUB the shower and make that bathroom shine. And don’t forget lots of lighting!

9. Poor Curb Appeal- You ever heard the saying “no second chances for that first impression”; same goes for your home and that starts the second they pull into your driveway. Make a family day out of weeding the flower garden and adding some color to the corners and near the entrance. Don’t have a garden; drop some planters on the porch with seasonal flowers and foliage that invites them in before they even enter.

10. Sellers who babysit- Rest assured that when a buyer is looking at your home and you the seller are with them every step of the way during the tour; this can be intimidating and very uninviting. If you feel you need to be there, back up some and give them some space. Buyers like to open closet doors, cabinetry, look around and explore. Give them the reigns to make your home feel like it’s THEIR home. Most buyers are represented by a licensed Realtor and both parties are given the upmost respect and professionalism.

I do hope you found these helpful tidbits…well…helpful! I have been both a buyer, a seller, and still am a licensed agent. Happy to help you make our community continuing to grow! Until next week’s blog…

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ”
Phyllis Diller

- Just Jessica


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